About Me

My name is Callum Burns, I'm a professional photographer with a varied experience in commercial and documentary photography. As a freelance documentary photographer, I make work which visually commentates on community organisations, historical industry and small individual makers and spaces. I provide clients with in-depth visual content that can be used for social media and web and print marketing materials. 

Having worked in the commercial photography sector for 8 years - photographing for some of the worlds largest drinks, confectionary and make-up brands - I am also well versed in commercial studio photography. I provide small businesses, makers and crafters with world class photography techniques for prices they can afford - enhancing their products and promoting their unique identities.

I am available to photograph - 

Food & Drink
Product & Lifestyle
Environmental Portraiture
Industrial & Commercial Workplaces

Client List:

Science & Industry Museum, Manchester
Bristol Wood Recycling Project
Bristol Cable
Eastern Daily Press
Espensen Spirits
The Little Red Roaster
Crockett & Jones
The Bristol Loaf
Cooperative UK
ACID Bikes
Alec Buchan Tiles
Bristol Friends of the Earth
Kodatkit - Deliveroo
Triodos Bank
The Ansel Group
Ultimate White Collar Boxing
Jodans Cereal
Johnson & Johnson

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Contact Us

I love my job and working with others to make great things possible. If you have something that needs photographing, whether it's a place, person or product, I'd love to hear from you. Please fill in the correspondence box and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Email - Callumburnsphoto@gmail.com

Phone - 07894118845


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