Martin Self Build

Many of us watch Grand Designs, and dream of one day being in a space that we ourselves have created. For many of us, including myself that is a distant and far fetched dream but for a friend of mine, Martin, it is becoming a reality.
Martin is a carpenter by trade and set out just over a year ago to begin building his own house, on a plot of land within the city of Norwich. He has begun this epic feat by first building a workshop, which will become the hub of his creation. It is a purely wooden structure, made mainly with wood he has sourced in Norfolk and then formed into what he has desired, himself. This includes beams that have been carefully burnt to produce a black, charcoal effect on the surface. 
I have spent well over a year following the progress of Martin's workshop, recording the journey he has taken to construct this fine, hand-built structure, mostly by himself and mostly with the skills he has. 
Though what has fascinated me most about the progress of Martin's workshop is, if he doesn't know how to create something, he will learn. For most of this journey he has been a sole-builder; designing, producing and erecting the workshop on his own. He has also learnt the electrical side of his yard and started to produce architectural plans for the rest of his house, he has manufactured beautiful pieces of wood with his hands and he has learnt how to put a roof this magnificent chalet type structure, which he can now call his workshop.

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