California, USA

Whilst working in California in mid-November I was lucky enough to do some travelling, visiting some of it's well known treasured landscapes. As a lover of all things wilderness and nature I found myself drawn to the National Parks of Yosemite, Sequoia and Joshua Tree. I love photographing landscapes for my own interest and pleasure, capturing the unique and inspiring beauty of nature, while learning the history of the land and the relationship it has had with humans.
Since first seeing work by Ansel Adams while in school at the age of thirteen I have wanted to visit the Yosemite national Park in California. With its awe-inspiring rock formations and landscapes, coupled with where it stands within both photography and rock climbing folk law. There is a pull towards to it I found. The opportunity to visit this beautiful place was too close to pass-up. I was staying in Fullerton, a drive of seven to eight hours from the Yosemite, but I found it to greater opportunity so a few colleagues and I set off with a huge sense of excitement.
Once we arrived our hearts pounded, we could not stop looking from one hill to the next, worrying that our driver, Filip would crash as he starred at the beautiful sites around him. We drove further down the road, and slowly became aware of the beauty in front of us, as we progressed down in to the valley's shape and colossus size became overwhelming.
Our first stop, would of course be Tunnel View, one of the most famous views in the Yosemite. A place, until recently I had only dreamt of viewing one day. A view of the iconic Ansel Adams image, where we see El Capitan and Half Dome carved beautifully into the rock, towering over thousands of trees far into the distance. So obviously, my first image on this page is that view. 
We followed the road on and stopped on countless occasions to captures the cliffs, trees and mountains we had viewed in so many pictures before, at last being able to experience it and view it ourselves. 
After several hours of excitement though we realised that the Yosemite was a place you would never be able to experience fully in one day, and with heavy hearts we left to find a bed for the night. 

We woke up fresh the next day and began our next travel, this time to see the Sequoia National Park. Laying south of the Yosemite and slightly smaller this is another of many treasure's California has to offer. It is home to greatest trees on earth and according to our driver, the most fun road he's ever drive on. 
Our time here was short due to the long drive home that evening, but the trees and inspiring views are one's i will never forget. We drove through this mesmerised again by the vast beauty we saw and although we saw a minute part of this vast National Park, we feel we got a taste of what it has to offer, hoping we will one day venture back there, whether together or with others.

Back to work for a week we went. Thanks Giving came and passed, and as non-U.S workers, we worked for the day, in the hope that if we completed all our work by the Thursday night, we'd have a free day on Friday. That we did, and set off for an Air B&B we had booked earlier that day in the desert. 
22.00 hours, pitch dark in the middle of nowhere, with no signal, we find ourselves clueless as to how to find this mysterious camp we had booked on Air B&B. Our search led us to a Hotel and Tavern on the edge of the desert, where we had a drink and largest rack of ribs imaginable. We listened to Country music all night played by the local band, before turning in, all sleeping our hire car.
The morning brought the sunshine and an oppurtunity to see Pioneer Town, an old style town stright out of a Western film. After discovering this Western town we began our trip through the Joshua Tree landscape.

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