An Introduction to: Norwich Market

At the beginning of the year Sara Gill and Callum Burns vowed to put Norwich Market back on the shopping list.

With the rise of the Supermarket and cheaper, high street clothes stores, the market as a place to shop is deteriorating. Regeneration is on the cards, and many stalls have seen their sales fall, leaving the market almost half empty. 

The two avid, social documentary photographers set out this year to observe the market through their lenses. Capturing the market traders, their produce and the atmosphere they found within the historic space, hoping they could show more people what is available on the stalls. 

By observing the market on almost a weekly basis, the two professional photographers have created a set of images they hope will bring the market to those who don’t often visit, or shop there. And through a collection of portraits, candid shots and produce images the two photographers are sharing what they love about the market, while also encouraging others to explore it themselves. 
The market is a historic part of the city, with many of stalls being handed down through generations of families, including the florists and the mushy peas. This is part of the pull to the market for many, helping the local trader, by buying the goods they have made, or locally sourced. Personally, Sara and Callum love the bacon butties, the coffee, local fruit and vegetables and the kind people they have met a long the way. 

Callum Burns & Sara Gill

With Thanks To:

All the kind and wonderful people who let us photograph them a long the way.

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